Charyn Canyon

Charyn Canyon is about 200 kilometres east of Almaty in Kazakhstan.
 It is part of the Charyn National Park which was established in 2004.
The canyon stretches 150 km along the Charyn River in the northern Tien Shan mountain range.
 In parts it is up to 300 metres deep.

We visited the canyon during our 33-day, 5-Stans, Central Asia tour in May-June 2013.

Elaborate tombs along the road from Almaty to the canyon.

On the way into the Nature Reserve ...

Veronika, our guide, had been here once before.
It was when she was a young schoolgirl when there were no borders.
The chasm is not very far from Karakul, her home town in Krygyzstan, but there is no border crossing now.

One part of the canyon  is known as The Valley of Castles  for its unusual rock formations.

Veronika and Yui.
Yui and her partner, Mark, were our co-travellers through "The Stans"