Polar Bears

On our 8-week European tour (Dubai - Paris - Norway - Spitsbergen - Arctic cruises - Iceland - River Seine cruise - Dubai)
 in July-August 2015, we undertook 2 Arctic cruises from Spitsbergen in the Svalbard archipelago, half way between Norway and the North Pole.

We wanted to see polar bears in the wild and over the 21 days of the 2 cruises we saw 14 polar bears 

The absolute highlight of our whole 8-week tour was on the morning of day 3 of our 2nd cruise.

At breakfast there was an announcement from the bridge that they have seen a polar bear and 2 cubs on the about 400 metres away.

The captain of the Sea Adventurer edged the bow of the ship into the ice and the bears ambled up to within 30 metres of the ship.
Polar bears have a very ,very good sense of smell.
They looked us over, sniffed at us, and then they wandered off into the fog.

Fantastic!!!  Seeing polar bears in the wild was at the top of our "bucket list".  We well and truly achieved this aim.
I will be telling my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and everybody else about this morning for ever!!!

We saw a total of 14 polar bears over the 21 days.
Here are some of the others ...

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