Tulum is the site of a pre-Columbian Mayan walled city which served as a major port for Coba.
The ruins are situated on 12-metre tall cliffs.
Tulum was one of the last cities built and inhabited by the Maya.
It was a walled city which allowed it to be defended against invasions.

 It was at its height between the 13th and 15th centuries and managed to survive about 70 years after the Spanish began occupying Mexico.
 Old World diseases brought by the Spanish settlers appear to have resulted in very high fatalities,
 disrupting the society and eventually causing the city to be abandoned.
One of the best-preserved coastal Maya sites, Tulum is today a popular site for tourists.

We hired bicycles and rode to the ruins from our guest house in the city of Tulum.

Entering the walled city

Tulum had a fort-like position on the cliff-top overlooking the Caribbean Sea

Leaving the walled city

I visited Tulum during my 44-day Central American trip in 2019.