A holiday at Cairns 1996

To dodge a couple of weeks of Melbourne's winter Margaret, I and Naomi flew to Cairns in far north Queensland.
(Ben joined us for the second week). After leaving early on a dark, drizzly Melbourne morning (30th June 1996) 
and after about 4 hours of jet flights we arrived on a lovely 25 degC Cairns afternoon. 

We hired a twincab utility (pickup truck) and camping equipment. Our base was at Ellis Beach about 30 Km. north of Cairns.

We had a terrific spot right on the beach where we camped at Ellis Beach.
When the sun came up at about 6.45am, it was already warm, just right for an early morning swim.
From the water you can see that Ellis Beach is an area where the rainforest meets the sea.

Some rain forest scenes:

The highlight of the whole holiday was a trip to the Great Barrier Reef on a large, high speed catamaran. I took the opportunity to scuba dive as well as snorkel. It was just like being in a giant aquarium.

About 150 km north of Cairns is the Daintree National Park (a World Heritage Area). Cape Tribulation in this National Park contains some virtually untouched beaches.  

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