A holiday in Western Australia in 1996

Margaret has wanted to go to Monkey Mia to see the dolphins for a long time.
In late September 1996 we flew to Perth, hired a car and made our way along the coast via Yanchep,
The Pinnacles and Kalbarri to Monkey Mia which is about 850 kilometres north of Perth.

At Monkey Mia wild dolphins quite freely come right in to the shore to interact with humans.
They just seem to like the company of humans and are as interested in us as we are with them.

The rangers select a few people to feed the dolphins and one day I was lucky. The dolphins are fed only one third of their daily food so they do not become dependent only on this and still maintain their hunting skills.

Here are some more scenes from Monkey Mia:

Not far from Monkey Mia is Shell Beach, 100 kilometres long, made up of the shells of a small mollusc that thrives here. In places the shells have cemented together to form a mass known as coquina which is sawn into blocks and used as a building material.

Also nearby is Steep Point which is the Australian continent's westernmost extremity.

These are the most ancient surviving life forms known on Earth. These stromatolites consist of matted sheets of blue-green algae that trap sediment, gradually building these distinctive shapes.

The bay supports hundreds of dugongs. The gentle, curious sea cows are mainly vegetarian and graze on seagrass. When lactating they are not unlike human females giving rise to the mermaid myth.

Click here to see Kalbarri gorges and wildflowers that were on the way to Monkey Mia.

Click here to see The Pinnacles, another interesting site on the way.

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